Body & soul adventures

& unparalleled private encounters across unexplored italy

Bespoke experiential travel across Italy

We design, run and operate bespoke experiential adventures from biking to walking and culinary, to cruise, hike or cycle the most beautiful and unspoiled corners of Italy,

savor the finest Apulian Primitivo and Negroamaro wine and delighting your sense with Sicilian cannoli, or Pecorimo cheese from Sardegna authentic local food . 

Whether you are enjoying a road tour by Vintage car along the Adriatic coast or are cycling the backroads of Puglia, or taking a walking tour from Matera to Otranto from arrival to departure, we take care of all the details. We ensure smart logistics, so that no time is wasted and you always are were you should be, so that every sight is seen on the right day, at the right time, in the right way. We do all the behind the scene and leg work, making sure your trip runs smoothly, while you have all the fun, cycling, walking unexplored Italy away from the crowd.

Puglia luxury bike tour

A SELF guided bike tour from Monopoli to Otranto to explore unspoiled Apulia by bike

Walking Puglia & Basilicata

A SELF guided walking tour from Matera to Otranto

Puglia Food safari

A Private culinary safari across Puglia to delight your sense with fine wines, local delights, encounters and breathtaking beauty

Puglia by vintage car

Tour Puglia by classic convertible Italian cars, enjoying our personalized service and the confort of luxury hotels

Why PATH ?

We are the "black sheep" that offers great value, flexibility and fun for experiential trips "out of the flock".
 We have walked and cycled every inch of the roads we propose on our itineraries, we do not outsource the running of your trip and we don't pay others to do the job. If you are looking for creative trip planners, trusted travel advisors, and avid cyclists you are in the right place. Born and bred between Sicily, the hectic streets of Napoli and remote villages of Puglia. We are obsessed with food, have a weakness for Italian road bikes, and if we are not cycling, cooking, guiding , following the "GIRO", or bike packing across Vietnam, we are probably making our own extra virgin olive oil in deep southern Puglia, listening to Franz Zappa. We also like Satie, Eraserhead, Funkadelic, Pantani, all the spaghetti western, La Norma, e la pasta, SoftMachine, AREA, Emily Dickinson & Burroughs, Autechre & Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Basquiat and Umberto Boccioni...

Trips to Inspire

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware" Matin Buder

Sicily bike tours and cycling vacation
5/7 days

Sicily bike tour 7 days Self guided

Cycling from Modica to Noto & Siracusa

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Amalfi coast and Capri private charter vacation
5 days

Amalfi coast & Capri Sailing

Sailing from Amalfi to Capri & the Bay of Naples

View Tour
Puglia walking tours
Puglia & Basilicata walking

Matera to Otranto 7/9 days

7 to 9 days SELF guided

Puglia family holidays & breaks
5 to 7 nights

Puglia Family holidays

Puglia Family holidays & destination

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Our trips always include:

We take care of all details to make shure you trip run smoothly, and include all the key elements for a once in a life time experience, although our "Bespoke trips" can include all or only some of our services depending on your travel style and wish.

All Transports

Van support for cycling tours, luxury Van for drive and stroll trips, english speaking guides and driver for your transfers and day trips

Local Guides

to unveil the region your are about to discover

Charming & luxury hotels

From fortified farmhouses to Noble palaces and charming Trulli houses we have a place for all taste

Exclusive activities and encounters

Form road cycling with the Pro, to diving and walking remote coastal trails, harvest grapes and talk to the people behind the finest wine, to intimate cruise

need a tailor made trip ?

Walking, cycling and culinary trips to inspire

to explore Sicily culinary heritage, bike Puglia, hike Sardegna, discover Umbria, unveil Toscany and the lake region, dare in Napoli, hike the Amalfi coast and cycle remote Basilicata


Siclily walking holidays and hiking vacation
day time guided

Sicily walking tour

Hike Sicily from the Noto Valley to the Aeolian islands

Drive & Stroll

Puglia farm tours
A walking culinary trip

Puglia farm trips

delight your sense

Day trips

Private only
Wine lover tours

Puglia wine tour

Check out the famous financial center and experience excitement.
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