Lazio beyond Rome

discover the heart of Italy

Lazio, Rome & beyond

Bespoke trips to discover the heart of Italy beyond Rome 

Trips to explore the cradle of occidental civilization and Christian culture, lakes and legends, walk ancient roads and verdant hills. Lazio is a region of central Italy bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea, and mainly characterized by hills and mountains, sloping down near the coast.
This region of unblemished sceneries and spectacular horizons among the towns. Hike enchanting stretch of water encircled by the intense green of the surrounding nature and overlooked by a magnificent 16th-Century castle. Stroll Medieval villages by the shores of lakes, unspoiled theatre of various historical periods. 

Rome & beyond

Bespoke trips to discover the Lazio region beyond the eternal city

Lazio multi active trips

country walks and bike rides from the heart of Italy all the way to the eternal city

Lazio bespoke vacation

Bespoke & adventures to enjoy extraordinary cultural encounters and delight your sense with fine wine and authentic local food

Our trips always include:

We take care of all details to make shure you trip run smoothly, and include all the key elements for a once in a life time experience, although our "Bespoke trips" can include all or only some of our services depending on your travel style and wish.

All Transports

Van support for cycling tours, luxury Van for drive and stroll trips, english speaking guides and driver for your transfers and day trips

Local Guides

to unveil the region your are about to discover

Charming & luxury hotels

From fortified farmhouses to Noble palaces and charming Trulli houses we have a place for all taste

Exclusive activities and encounters

Form road cycling with the Pro, to diving and walking remote coastal trails, harvest grapes and talk to the people behind the finest wine, to intimate cruise

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